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The summer is not far way and the retail industry is ready to see what 2019 will bring. This past Christmas was recognized as one of the slowest season amongst millennials. Amazon still remains king in the shopping world as brands are launching creative campaigns to maintain their customer relations.
Compound Films planned to launch a spring campaign on social media in the month of February but was rescheduled to May 1st. They will be in California to capture the cool breezy beach and recruit acting talent. Their last campaign success with Macy’s earned them an opportunity with retailers like PacSun.
The retail industry is highly interested in influencer marketing as opposed to traditional marketing. When the economy is good, you can make things shiny and let it sell itself. In bad economies, we must think outside the box to communicate intrinsic value to the consumer.


The new shiny colors are in and they shimmer like blue waves on a breezy beach. Compound Films has finally decided to release it’s first publicly available branded shirt. They will be available for purchase on the official website for $20 in varying sizes.

The spring colors consist of Midnight Black, Coral Silk, and Dark Heather Grey. The material is perfect for moisture resistance while out in afternoon heat or during high paced activity. Quality is a top priority which shows in the fitting allowing a casual and athleisure level of comfort. More colors will become available as the seasons progress introducing colors such as Rare Rosé Maroon, and Porsche Yellow.

Points holders are welcome to redeem their hard earned “Compound Points” towards heavy discounts on our branded merchandise. The company plans to unveil new items and carve out a digital goods lane. These digital goods will consist of tools that filmmakers can use to template their stories in Hollywood format. Ebooks will be released this year, as well as exclusive editing plugins and in-game upgrades on the company’s mobile game apps.

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HOUSTON – The next hot thing in the corporate world is something called “Gamification” which is the process of adding gamelike elements like “points earning” to encourage participation. Companies like Starbucks, Krogers, Chic-Fil-A, and Target are the best examples of successful loyalty programs that keep people in the buying loop. The more things you buy, the more points you earn to redeem for free or discounted items.
The consumers of today are ones with short attention spans and hair thin patience when it comes to commerce. It is in the best interest of all companies to innovate while the retail industry suffers at the hands of giant corporations like Amazon. Frank Lopez was taught at a young age that “it’s not about whats hot, its about whats new.” The mission will be to keep our point earners engaged and get rewarded for purchases and participation.


What is virtual reality? VR is a realistic three-dimensional image or artificial environment that is created with a mixture of interactive hardware and software, and presented to the user in such a way that the any doubts are suspended and it is accepted as a real environment in which it is interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way.

Recently, Compound Films released a VR experience that contained a short riddle that was embedded within 3D animation and Dolby Digital Surround Sound Audio. This is groundbreaking technology to produce videos that you can interact with and participate in.

This experience is the first of its kind and the company plans to use this experience to better produce future interactive content. To experience the VR video you can click the video below. Enjoy 🙂



HOUSTON – The legendary fight gym “Main Street Boxing & Muay Thai” stands tall since the 1960’s in downtown Houston. It houses multiple champions in various weight classes and fighting promotions. You can spot the current WBC interim light-welterweight champion Regis Prograis and UFC heavyweight Derrick Lewis.

Combat sports has skyrocketed in popularity over the past 5 years rivaling Boxing pay-per-views. Notable stars like Conor Mcgregor, Ronda Rousey, and Jon Jones have placed the UFC into the mainstream spotlight changing pop culture forever. During this time, Derrick “Black Beast” Lewis has gone viral multiple times with his comedic post fight statements like “My Balls Was Hot” after responding to a question about his trunks. 

Notable trainer Bob Perez has trained numerous fighters that have ultimately gone on to fight for major fight promotions. When they discussed the project idea, Perez shared many inspiring and heart breaking stories when dealing with fighters outside of the ring. He said if he could choose the title of the project, he’d call it “The Hurt Business”. He recalls going to Thailand and seeing female fighters as young as 8 years old training as rough as the boys.

Compound Films has partnered with the gym to create engaging content and ultimately produce a “Netflix-Quality” docu-series. The project would document fighter’s journey unwrapping the purpose of competing in such a brutal and bloody sport. The goal is to shine light on current champions, competing contenders, and rising amateurs documenting their back story on this violent journey. 

They plan to film a pilot episode in late January to test for demand and document the interest for Netflix submission.



HOUSTON, TX – The New Year countdown was taking place on TV as people flooded New York to catch a glimpse of the ball drop in Times Square. All over the nation, people were making wishes and sending lengthy prayers in hopes of blessings for next year. This wasn’t the case for Frank Lopez, as he was quietly in his office creating boring graphs, charts, and lists to predict the future lanes of success.

The company has successfully prepared for the production of multiple documentaries to be produced in 2019. The documentaries range from UFC Trainers and Fighters, Major Recording Artist Stories, to a closer look at Rapper SPM’s court case that got him 45 years. They are ready to dominate the storytelling industry with various full length films, documentaries, cartoon series, and virtual reality experiences.


Compound Films says that it is extremely important to differentiate yourself from the saturated crowd of filmmakers. They emphasize that there are younger kids out there that can kick your ass with an iphone camera and imovie app. We should all expect a standout year from this forward thinking company.

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HOUSTON, TX – The “Have A Very Macy’s Christmas” campaign proved itself to be a success after 4 weeks. The holy grail of advertising is traffic and conversion of casual followers into paying customers. Giving influencers the opportunity to create ads based on their perception of the brand will be a game changer.

The mood in the retail industry has been clouded with uncertainty and anxiety. Amazon has been dominating the shopping world and selling more brand name items than the brand name itself. All major brands are currently spending millions to transition over to online sales.



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HOUSTON, TX – The holidays are around the corner and Santa is coming to town. The new ad looks like an advertisement for classic love for the holidays. 

Compound Films steps up to bat a second time releasing a very inclusive ad. The music jingle is also laced with vibes of high frequency chords that induce an “angelic calm”.

Macy’s has gifted us all a 30%–65% Family & Friends discount on their online store. To activate your discount go to and it will automatically apply it to your Macy’s account when you shop. 

Have a Very Macy’s Christmas From The Compound Films Staff!


HOUSTONMacy’s has presented Compound Films with a lucrative opportunity to partner with a retail giant that distributes luxury brands.

The plan is to produce compelling audio/visual ads that create interest on social media. The good news is, they were also given full creative control to present their work in the best interest of all brand partners.

We will be accepting original marketing-friendly music, vocal narrative work, and model photography to feature on major brand ad campaigns. There will be a varying theme depending on the brands we create digital campaigns for.

Register An Account Here to be rewarded with “1000 Compound Points” which can be redeemed for access to future Compound Watch Parties, Movie Screenings, Merchandise, Major Brand Gift Cards, Secret Project Opportunities. You can submit work links in the comments of the article and a meeting will be held unveiling qualifying candidates. Chosen candidates will be presented with an opportunity to earn a percentage from campaign profits.

The campaigns will consist of various multimedia items like videos, image banners, animations, and virtual reality productions. The Macy’s campaign will be distributed throughout platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat until the end of December. 

The theme of submitted work will be based on a “Join The Family” concept for Macy’s Christmas campaign. Content must not contain vulgar language, offensive material, and must be relevant to the campaign theme.

The benefits of partnering with big brands is being given special discounts to present to your following and those that interact with our ads. Macy’s has gifted us a “Family and Friends Discount” and promo code FRIEND that gives you an additional 30% off during checkout.

Thank you for joining our family and click here to shop with Macy’s for Christmas with your exclusive discounts.


HOUSTON, TX – It was a matter of time before this promising company found their way into the advertising world. It was their mission to learn new industries from ground up and create the business models of the future.

“If I were to sign an ad deal as an influencer for a big brand, I would get paid once and then I’d do what they say. In this case, we were able to partner with these companies in a way that gives us creative freedom and still allows us to do business with all the brands we respect.” says Compound Films.

Christmas is coming up and these guys will be producing retail ads for companies like Macy’s, Lego, Sephora, Bloomingdales Australia, New Balance, and Nike Brazil. They are also awaiting confirmation letters from retailers such as Dior, UGG, Calvin Klein, Converse, Hulu, and Hilton.

It feels like the natural progression from filming music videos for influential artists to striking deals with influential brands. The great thing about producing ads for these companies are the deals they’re able to offer for products and services you see in the ads.

This is an example of what they plan to campaign and promote starting next week. This deal will also allow the company to recruit local talent via music and models for future ads. Press Play Below!

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